Class Descriptions

Adult Drop-In Classes:

Beginner Ballet
A basic class that introduces the student to the elementary positions of classical ballet. Classes are slow and thorough to ensure proper alignment and understanding.

Beginner Ballet II
A continuing class for students who have some knowledge of ballet or have had danced as a child and wish to begin again.

Advanced Beginner Ballet
A continuing class for students who have knowledge of ballet. This class includes more complex material than Beginner II.

Intermediate Ballet
A class for students who are comfortable with ballet curriculum and can move easily through the barre and center.

Intermediate/Advanced Ballet
A more involved class than Intermediate for students with secure technique and the capacity to keep up in a fast-paced class.

Advanced Ballet
This class is for the professional dancer or student who is knowledgeable and secure in all steps. Large movements, beats, many pirouettes in all positions. Not for the unskilled.

Classical Core Conditioning
This class is led by a Pilates certified instructor and is designed to strengthen and lengthen muscles, primarily in the torso, without building bulk, with a focus on deliberate, deep breathing. Results include better posture, flexibility, coordination, and overall body awareness.

Low Impact Broadway Jazz
This class combines classical jazz technique with Broadway-style routines and music. This is a low-impact, low-muscle stress class designed for Advanced-Beginner/Intermediate level students with some dance experience. You’ll get a great work-out and have fun!

Slow-paced with emphasis on deep breathing and alignment to increase your circulation and balance, provide better joint range and muscle function; enhance your overall sense of well-being.

Floor Barre®
Led by a certified instructor, this class combines ballet with anatomical principles of alignment and muscle sense.  By lying on the floor, without the pressure of gravity, Floor Barre strengthens and properly corrects the placement of the pelvis, hips and back and helps release tension throughout the body. This class is gentle, yet effective, low-impact, and appropriate for dancers and non-dancers, women and men.

Intermediate Modern
Class begins on the floor, students are guided through building gentle movement sequences that help improve body awareness, increase range of motion and promote coordination and ease of movement. Emphasis is also placed on musicality and clarity of intention of action. Class continues with standing and across-the-floor dance phrases that slowly build to more complex movement combinations. Students are encouraged to adapt the material to meet their individual needs.