Academy Division (ages 8-20)

Advanced Puzzle 3

The Junior Division provides students with progressive levels of ballet training that focus on developing basic technique and strength. This division includes levels Beginner, Intermediate and Preparation for Pointe.

The Advanced Division continues to build-upon student’s technique and physical strength. Pointe work for girls is introduced and developed. This division includes levels Beginner Pointe, Intermediate Pointe and Advanced Pointe.
The Professional Division comprises the highest levels at MYB. Ballet training in this division focuses on perfecting technique, developing artistry and preparing students for a professional career.
Boys follow parallel courses of study that is specifically geared towards strength and partnering. Separate coaching is scheduled for young men enrolled in the Senior Men Professional Program.
MYB offers modern elective classes for students in the Academy’s Intermediate through Professional levels with a focus on the Horton technique.