Intro Registration

Introductory Division (ages 5-10*)
Students must be the minimum age by September 1, 2016

Ballet I (5-6 years old)
Ballet II (6-7 years old)
Ballet III (7-9 years old)*
Boys Intro (7-10 years old)*

*Age limit in Ballet III is 8 years old by September 1. Age limit for Boys Intro 10 years old by September 1.

The tuition year is from September 10, 2016 through May 26, 2017. Minimum non-refundable deposit to enroll is $100 plus a $30 Registration Fee.

Tuition is payable in full at the time of registration; if not paid in full at registration, automatic installment payments must be set-up with a credit/debit card or eCheck. Installment payments cannot be canceled after the first three (3) weeks of your child’s enrollment; however, installment payments can be made in person with cash prior to the scheduled due date.

Enrollment in the Introductory Division for the 2016-2017 school year has closed. CLICK HERE for summer enrollment.

CLICK HERE for Introductory uniform, tuition & refund information, and other important policies.

CLICK HERE for School Year Schedule of classes.

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